Amiah Robertson Missing Infant
Amiah Robertson and her mother Amber

Amiah’s Family Beat (Facebook group dedicated to Amiah’s case)

News interview with Amber Robertson March 19, 2019

WTHR News report with Amber Robertson interview

1 thought on “Amiah Robertson Missing Infant

  1. Tina Pixie Kirksey August 9, 2019 — 12:46 am

    This case is super disturbing. Thank you for covering it. I truly enjoy your podcast. I am a ex-photographer…and I have developed an ability to look at a photo and truly see what is going on or being felt or experienced by the subject being photographed. This photo of baby Amaih and her mom Amber is heart-wrenching because I don’t see a loving mother kissing her infant daughter. I see a baby who is in emotional pain who has possibly experienced physical pain in her life by the hands of this mother and the baby is confused as to why they are posing in such a way as to be putting out a fake image of love and if you look at the babies arm and you can see where she’s trying to push against her mother’s chest in an effort to get away from her because she is not feeling loved from her mother she does not feel safe with her mother and she feels anger in her eyes for her mother. I see the mother Amber as faking this cute selfie to make it look or appear loving when underneath it is anything but. I see a look of sinister in her eyes and her lips although they are forming a kiss to the baby, her lips are tight pressed and she is actually having a hard mouth not that of a normal soft mouth when you kiss. This photo was a lie and even the baby knew this. The baby may not have understood that a photo was being taken but she knew that this display of affection was anything but love.


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