Heather Turner(Milam)


This beautiful wife and mother died naked on her bathroom floor. Was it staged to look like a suicide? Her loved ones think so. As of now, her manner of death is undetermined.

Heather Nicole Milam Turner

911 call from Andy Turner

Justice For Heather facebook

14 thoughts on “Heather Turner(Milam)

  1. She was murdered, justice needs to be served!!


  2. I believe with all my heart that A Turner kill her.
    And his parents are covering for him. It took 17 years to find out who killed my friends brother. By the grace of god Paulding County didn’t stop till they did . This is what I pray for Heather and family
    just not take so long.


  3. As long Paulding co. sheriff and courts have anything to do with this it will go nowhere we in Paulding need to drain the swamp/.


  4. Crystal Payne July 3, 2019 — 2:34 pm

    I feel like there are so many unanswered questions. 1. Was him and the nanny having an affair before she died? This is massive and I think she is being cooperating with LE how do we not know this?


  5. There will be a 2nd part to this episode. We are gathering more information and hope to bring you more of Heather’s story by the end of July.


    1. Thank you for this


  6. Thank you from bringing Heathers voice to have more light on it. There is so much I would love to say….
    And about the call he made to Jeremy the day we all lost Heather 😢

    We KNOW there was abuse, Heather was leaving, and there was / is much corruption.
    Praying those on the case now will bring swift #JusticeForHeather.

    P.S. Jeremy and I have not been legally married yet. We still plan to have a wedding and all 💙


    1. Heather also has a Facebook memory page. This was started just days after her passing and there is quite a bit there as well


    2. With all my heart it was murder!!!!!


  7. Stephanie lipscomb July 12, 2019 — 8:29 am

    Heather was murdered! She was such a happy person. We went to high school and were best friends. I loved her.


  8. When I heard about Heather’s death ,I said right then she was murdered ! I know the Turner family and have for years . There is a lot to this and it all has not been brought out ,praying for justice soon !


  9. Statistics show MOST people dont take a shower right before they shoot themself in the head.
    Statstics show MOST women do not kill themselves while naked.
    Statistics show MOST women do not try suicide in this manner.
    Statistics show MOST grieving spouses would not discuss the graphic details of the scene, on the local news, IN FRONT all 4 of his/her minor children.
    Statistics show MOST people would call 911 FIRST.
    These are SOME of the stats, why cant we at least question why all of these statistics are the few in this case.


  10. Keep investigating, justice for my friends husband child Heather!!


  11. Andy told me Heather had bought the cruise. He asked me if he should go? I said no it will not be good for you this soon. He was already seeing her. Giving Heather’shoes and clothes. That’s not a grieving man. We all grieve differently. He was so busy trying to see who could replace Heather. He bragged about his money, cars and businesses. I had lost my husband. I had watched their Morning Coffee as I followed them hope came into my life blending a family could be possible. I reached out to him on FB to give my condolences 🙏💔. He wasn’t interested, sad just mad when I confronted him about Heather’s Memory page.


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